Twan Schoonen welkoms you to!

Who am I?

I'm living in Amsterdam

Currently I'm a student at the Technical University Munich (TUM)

My Curriculum Vitae can be found here

What is this site?

This site is here to share, who I am and what I am doing, with the world.

Current Projects

Go webserverTODOWriting a simple web server in Go
Twan SiteONGOINGFor quite some time I wanted to deploy my own web page where I dump some thoughts and projects. You are now reading the result of this project.
dot-emacsONGOINGAround April 2020 I was reading thought some arch with ages, most notable dotfiles. Here I found out about Ambrevar. At this moment I was using DWM, as my window manager and did most of my editing inside Emacs. Now I read up on his emacs-everywhere. This got my attention and I decided to try out using emacs everywhere. This is still an ongoing process and I will try to report my experience.
Huizekerk.euONGOINGMy old roommates and me wanted to create a website for our house. We quickly found out that plain html is not going to solve our problem. Mainly maintaining emails for our presentation evenings.
Piezo beatsONGOINGA friend of mine wanted to create a tool to make DJ'ing more elaborate. The idea was to play a kick when you hit the floor with your foot. We realised a first prototype by hooking up an Arduino to a piezo element. Then we forwarded a Bluetooth signal to a simple script.
godarchDONEA stateless system is an attractive goal for me. Nixos is one linux distribution that tries to achieve this. However, nixos packages are to slim and outdated for me. Godarch is a project that allows you to configure a base system that is reset on every reboot, while running arch linux. I wanted to try if this system works for me. Sadly I found out it did not.
Email ServerDONEWhen it comes to authentication on the web, there is one bootstrap service called email. Email is needed for signing up generating GPG keys and basically for every formal connection. Hell I even need an email to get a server to get my own mail server. I now imagine that my subscription is ends and I forget my password. Well its game over at that moment ;).

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